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Apache Web Server on Joyent

Apache Web Server comes installed by default on the SmartOSPlus installation. When I provisioned my machine I had a difficult time finding the Apache directory. To my surprise, it took some time exploring the file system to find the necessary files. Joyent takes a different approach for installing Apache Web Server. Log files are placed with other log files, configuration files are with other configuration files, etc.

It seems most of the the tutorials on the Internet revolve around installing Apache Web Server for personal use. These tutorials expect you to keep the directory structure intact which is clearly different from a Joyent installation.

The important directories are below. This applies to the SmartOSPlus (32 bit) image that Joyent offers. Other OS images may have a different directory structure.

Apache Server Configuration Files:

For example, the httpd.conf configuration file is located at:

Virtual Host Configuration Files:

For example, the Apache Virtual Host Directive for each of your websites is stored here. If I am hosting http://www.apache.org it would be located at:

Apache Modules Directory:

This is where you will install the mod_jk.so connector for using Tomcat in Apache Web Server.

You will also find mod_alias.so and mod_rewrite.so for URL Rewrites.

Apache Log Files

You will find access log, error log, module logs, etc. This is a good place to put your mod_jk connector log file and mod_rewrite log files (use mod_rewrite logging for development purposes only).

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