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Setup SSH to connect to Joyent Server

The first step after provisioning your Joyent Server is to connect to it. Please read up on the wiki articles provided at Joyent for setting up a SSH connection. See tutorial for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Desktop.

Once you have established your connection with your Joyent server, you have several options for logging in via different users. These include:

root user is all powerful and should not be used.

admin has elevated privileges which is the account i use for configuring the server.

The user jill is a general purpose user.

Setup SSH Connection using Windows.

Connecting to your Joyent server is an essential part of managing the web server. On Windows computers a terminal emulator is needed for connecting to Joyent servers. This uses SSH (Secure SHell) which is a safe and secure way to connect. For Windows, Joyent recommends you download the PuTTY application as well as PuTTYgen tool.
Install both PuTTY and PuTTYgen with default installation settings. You can download both putty.exe and puttygen.exe from:

Follow this video tutorial on using puttygen to create a public/private key.

Once your public key is created; copy it to the clipboard and paste in Joyent Administration control panel under SSH Keys. This is where you register your SSH Keys for each computer that is connecting to the server.

SSH Key Settings for Joyent Server:
Key Type: SSH-2 RSA
Number of Bits: 4096

Joyent SSH Key Settings

Configure PuTTY to Connect to Joyent (Windows)

Configuring Putty to connect to Joyent Server is simple.

1. IP Address. Enter your Joyent Public IP Address in the Host Name text field.

2. Port. Set port to 22

3. Connection Type. Select SSH as Connection Type.

4. Private Key File.In “Category” TreeView component, open SSH node, select Auth Node. Under authentication parameters, browse to your private key file that you created using the puttygen tool. This file will have a .ppk file extension. [See image 2].

5. Save. Go back to main screen by selecting Session Node in the tree view and click Save to save your connection details.

Connect to Joyent using PuTTY

Finally, double click your Session to connect. You will enter the terminal session as shown in second photo below. On Windows, you will enter your username; such as root, admin, or any other users. Next enter passphrase for that user.

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